Clients like TCS and Infosys.

Besides having an electronics manufacturing set-up, with advanced quality processes and certifications, and a facility for providing luminar­ies’ assembly services, the company also houses a German trained R&D team of about 20 engineers, with a high level systematic product devel­opment capability. BAG, which had at one time contemplated selling off this unit (as it was a marginal player), is now investing heavily to tap the emerging market for electronic con­trols in luminaries. Praveen has built a strong marketing & sales team, looking after not only Indian and neighbouring countries, but also the Middle East and Turkey.

No difference

As a division, even the material was supplied by the German corn- pans’. which owned it earlier. Now the sourcing of raw material is fully done by the Indian team. External sales, which now account for more than 50 per cent of the turnover, also include exports. “There is no differ­entiation in the products meant for exports and those sold in the domes­tic market, says Manoj Joshi, gen­eral manager & sales. Joshi was part of the earlier team too, having worked here for more than a decade. “We also undertake life-time servicing of the products,” he adds.

“While, earlier, the LED markets had got a bad name with cheap imports flooding the markets, the quality of our products stands out,” says Aniket Pathak, assistant manager, marketing & promotions. “BAG’S name and our support help in bringing in consum­ers, who use our products for com­mercial offices, which work 24×7,” he adds. BAG products are also used in high-mast lighting and floodlights used in stadiums, bag’s products are also customised to meet the diverse needs of users like drivers and motor- men of railway coaches, as also naval ship applications.

BAG had recently won the inter­national achiever’s award for its fast growth during the last five years. It recently introduced ZITARES oc – a high-performance LED ECG for out­door applications. This product,
which has a series of LED drivers, is suitable for outdoor applications like street lights, floodlights and high-mast lighting. “BAG products are more energy-efficient than most other similar products available in the market,” points out Praveen. “Customers are realising the bene­fits these products offer in the longer run. Those who burnt their fingers, having bought low-quality, imported LED products, now approach us for a reliable and peace-of-mind product, either from our standard range or

Product mix

Lighting Solutions


made-to-order for them.”

Given the revival in projects and the focus on energy-efficient lights, the market in India is growing. Com- merical office complexes are also changing over to LED products. Real­ising the growth potential in the country, Trilux, which owns the Ger­man group BAG, also set up another company, Trilux India, in 2013, with its headquarters in New Delhi and operation units in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, focussing on B2B, high-end lighting solu­tions. BAG will be looking at provid­ing solutions largely to the medium end of the client spectrum which, it feels, is growing faster than the ones at the top end.

The next milestone of another ^100 crore will be faster than the first, which took five years to reach. But Praveen is not complaining. The existing unit in Pune has enough capacity and capability to meet the rising demand for now.

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