Republicans try to move forward

Republicans try to move forward

Republicans try to move forward

Washington (CNN) After a chaotic week for President Donald Trump and his party, Republicans are faced with a fundamental question: now what?

With a new chief of staff, the communications director and the press secretary, the president clearly seeks to “hit the reset button,” by his former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, described in Wolf Blitzer Friday.

Meanwhile, GOP leaders on both sides of the Capitol clearly indicate they are willing to consider a number of issues and agenda items this fall, such as taxes, border security, budget, spending accounts and more – and even Trump administration officials echo this call.

Perhaps there is still movement coming in front of staff, but on the front of the agenda – despite Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, expressing in the early hours of Friday morning that he is the Time to go after the failed vote on health care – President does not seem prepared to restart.

“Unless Republican senators are totally absent, repeal and replace is not dead! Make another vote before voting on any bill!” Twitter Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning he was asked if this statement represents the official policy of the White House, a senior adviser to Trump proposed “yes.”

“Well, I think … yes, and I think what you see is the president who simply reflects the mood of the people.” Look and sound American public opinion and find out what is the most important issue for them At the moment, and it’s health care, “said Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jake Tapper in the” State of the Union “on CNN.

Another Trump man, former campaign director Corey Lewandowski, said the White House will not allow the attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare by telling NBC “Meet the Press” that there are three things to the order of the day. It is a tax reform, which built a wall on the southern border, is repealed and Obamacare, which was not made. ”

But over the weekend, Trump seemed less focused on tax reform or the border wall in the procedural hurdles that threaten these efforts in the Senate – where Republicans can not afford to lose two Of its members if they advance legislation that does not have democratic support.
Trump has called for the removal of the 60-vote requirement to break the legislative blockage in the Senate. This threshold of 60 votes did not apply to medical care because Republicans were working according to budget reconciliation rules requiring a majority of 51 votes.

However, McConnell – recognizing that if Democrats take over the majority in the next election, they could more easily move their own items on the agenda without the GOP support – said he would never have removed legislative obstructionism, disagreeing with Trump, who tweeted several times over Saturday.

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