The Truth About beauty services at home in Mumbai Is About to Be Revealed

There are many beauty services at doorstep in Mumbai

As glow up India is also one of the service which provides beauty service at home.

They provide genuine product all beautician of glow up India use only branded and genuine products because you deserve the best!

They are trained and more than 7 years’ experience. All beautician need to pass our standard of service and cosmetic test. they all are background checked before they become a part of glow up India family. They wearing glow up Apron and glow up IDs. They assured you will feel 100% satisfaction.

Why glow up when we have plenty of parlors?

Ans.They give you four reason:1) why go to the salon when salon come to you?

2)No waiting time

3) choose your own stylist within verified reviews yourself. When was the last time you were told by the salon that the beautician at your service is just 2-month old has made 3 mistakes in past one month! They tell you all about their stylist from their specialty, work experience to customer’s feedback

4) last but not the least for the same quality of service are much better price compared to your nearest salons.

What about the product they are using?

Ans.They guarantee product used by their stylist are all genuine branded product. Glow up India offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. some of the brands used by the professionals areVLCC.Lotus, Shahnaz Husain, L’Oréal professional.

Can I trust the beauty professional coming to my house via glow up?

Ans. In one Word-Absolutely! They do three different kinds of background checks of any stylist that we enroll. They have their verified ID card details, address proofs, education and past employment proofs. They also access the quality of service all their beauty professional as they would not want anybody to touch your skin or hair if they don’t think they are qualified.

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